About Us

My Manny is Australia’s first childcare agency specialising in the placement and introduction of mannies, male nannies, to prospective families. 

Recently in the UK and the US, mannies have become increasing popular as families recognise the importance of male role models in their child’s development. Shortages of male primary school teachers, a trend that is all too apparent in Australia, is contributing to a lack of positive male influences for children, in turn leading to a surge in the uptake of manny services.

My Manny have a strong focus on child development and provide your family with positive male role models for your children. We recognise that fathers can’t always be available to their children, and offer an alternative solution to counteract the lack of a male influence in the home. Our mannies are dedicated to your children, providing all the regular services of a nanny, with a strong focus on being outdoors and keeping kids active. Mannies act more like a big brother than a babysitter, forming bonds and providing children with a positive male role model.

My Manny believe that males are just as capable as females when caring for children. Our mission is to change stereotypes, increase male involvement in childcare, and provide active male role models for your children.