What is the Honesty System?

When working with children, My Manny understands that honesty is the most important policy. We want you to trust us and we figure the easiest way to achieve that is for us to prove our trust in you.

We allow completely unrestricted access to our website to everyone, whether they are regular users, trialing the site or just using us as a one off.
All we ask, is that once you’re happy with the service you’ve received through the use of our site, that you make us a payment you believe to be appropriate. You can make this payment by entering your user details and following the link.
We have absolute trust in the quality of our mannies and it’s only fair that we extend that same trust to our customers.

To register for free, proceed below:

As a guide...

We're happy to receive any payment that you deem to be appropriate, but if you're confused at all as to what sort of a range to consider as a fee, we've provided a few examples of prices charged by other providers:

single use

$15 - $25

month long user

$30 - $60

year long user

$120 - $190

permanent placement

$200 - $500

Of course, we want to provide a service that’s affordable to everyone. It’s up to you how much and how often a payment is necessary.