What is a Manny?

Well, it's quite simple. A manny is essentially a male-nanny.

Since the year 2000, the percentage of full time male primary school teachers in Australia has dropped from 30% to under 20% today. These decreasing numbers result in children that lack regular contact with adult males in the most important stage of their development.

My Manny understands that you can't always be there. That's why we're proud to provide educated, driven and focused male nannies to care for your kids when you can't.

A manny is more than just a babysitter. A manny is a friend, a mentor, a carer and a teacher. Quite simply, a manny endeavors to care for your child the way you do and in a way which best aids the development of your child. 

Over the last few years, popularity has surged for mannies in both the UK and the US. My Manny is Australia's first and most popular service provider specialising in mannies.

"Every manny who appears on our site has provided us with a certified copy of a current Working With Children Check"

Our number one priority is the same as yours. Your child. That's why we obtain certified copies of every manny's WWCC, as well as all other relevant supporting documentation relating to the following items: 


These icons are provided with manny profiles for your guidance when choosing the manny that's right for you. Just another way that My Manny aims to lead the field in care for kids.

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